Electrical Metre Replacement For Higher Efficiency

electrical metre
Electrical metre is installed to record the power consumption. The meter records the Kilowatt consumption per hour per electricity connection. It determines the amount of electricity bill.  The metre bases are provided by the electricity provider of your locality. Traditional metre box looks like a wooden box with a conventional metre for recording the energy consumption while the modern metre boxes are well designed, galvanized steel metre boxes. The former one contains porcelain fuses, but the newer one contains safety switches and circuit breakers which add more safety and security to your home from any kind of electrical hazards.

Reasons to upgrade your meter box

The meters are coded or programmed to work so if you have not replaced your old fuse box and the metre, get it replaced today. In Fareham, you can hire the services of the professional electrician for doing this job efficiently. A Professional Fareham electrician will ensure the correct installation of the metre boxes in the domestic electrical connections.

These metres are needed to be upgraded periodically for the higher efficiency and to record the energy consumption as per the latest standards. The metre replacement is also necessary because it helps in giving your all the power related information. Within few seconds you will be able to come to know about the power loss, poor quality of power supply etc. In some countries, it is illegal to use the old meter boxes because they are not complied with the latest rules and regulations. Hence, to be on the safer side, you should contact the professional electrician for the replacement of the metre boxes.


Professional Electrician Services For New Home Installation

For a simple task like installing the bulb or replacing the wire, you may not need any kind of help but it can be dangerous if you try to fix other big electrical tasks in your house. You probably need the help of the professional electricians who are experts in handling various types of electrical work. There are many electrician companies that provide the services of electricians on the request of the customers. Professional electricians are trained to handle different types of wiring connections and installation of the different types of appliances.

Set up your new house with the help of electrician

Electricians can be hired if you are planning to move in to a new house. If the house is under construction, the professional electrician will provide service for laying the wires and making electrical connections in the house. Electrician will also provide right suggestion for the installation of several electronic devices and home appliances. In case, you are planning to move in the already constructed house or in the house rentals, then it is beneficial to hire the services of professional electricians for switchboard upgrades, ceiling fan repairs, electrical rewiring, outside wiring and electrical home inspections. Electricians plan for the wiring, connections and ensure that all the connections are done properly and effectively. House owners can also learn the tips from the electricians to minimize the electricity consumption so that your energy bills can be lowered.

electrical service van

Emergency services by the electrician

It is hard to predict when an emergency can occur in which you need to hire the services of a professional electrician. Thus, it is suggested that house owners should have the mobile number of the electrician or the company offering electrician services. It will enable the house owners to get in touch with the electrician quickly and all types of electricity related problems can be handled. Some of the electricians provide 24*7 hours emergency services.

In case of power breakdown, appearance of the spark in the switch board, noise coming from any appliance, damaged wiring or short circuit, you should call the local but professional electrician to help in emergency needs. Dealing with the residential electrical problems is not same as the commercial electrical issues. Hence, you should make sure that for the residential purpose, you should hire the services of residential electricians.

Annual testing services

There are many house owners who tend to access the services of the professional electricians in case of the emergencies or any sort of faults in the electrical connections or wiring.  Thus, the risk of electrical hazards from the house does not mitigate and there is a risk of accidents. In order to make your house electrically safe, you should get the house inspection services from the electricians. It will help to indentify the risks in the house in the form of faulty switches, damaged wires or loose connections. After the cyclone, hurricane or earthquakes, you should get the help of professional electrician to get the residential wiring checked and ensure that all the connections are correct and fit.…

Top 5 Options For Green Energy

Electricity is an important part of our life with all the gadgets and equipment at our home and office running on electric power. Most of us don’t know the source of electricity we get for doing our works. The electricity producing stations or centres use coal for the production of electricity while some use gas. These sources harm the environment as it releases the harmful carbon dioxide into the air. When electricity is produced with nuclear energy, it puts a negative effect on the environment. The solution to this is the green energy. This type of power or electricity does not have any negative or harmful effect on the environment. The green energy provider in your area or city can help you in getting the eco-friendly electricity. The top 5 options for green energy are as follows.


Solar Energy

Solar energy is an inexpensive and easily available source of energy with free sunlight in all areas of the world. Solar panels have been developed with the latest technology that makes energy production very easy through sunlight. The solar industry has seen major advancements and with the low cost, the solar energy is quite affordable. For getting solar energy, you need to install solar panels on the roofs of your home, office or any other building with enough space.

Wind Energy

The wind is a free source of energy in areas with abundant and free flowing winds. Turbines are used for producing electricity from winds. Specific areas are marked where there is a lot of wind and wind turbines are constructed there. They function in a very quiet and efficient manner using the latest technology. The best location for setting wind turbines are areas near the sea and offshore wind farms, as there is natural wind in these areas.

Hydropower Energy

3_19666_12Hydropower is another option for green energy in areas with abundant water. For this type of energy, flowing water is needed. Hydropower systems are set up in areas with streams and creeks with enough water. The power produced through water can be used for residential purposes, farms and resorts. The company or individual who sets up the hydropower station has to get permission for water rights to produce green energy through water.

Tidal Energy

When tides are used to produce energy or electricity, it is called tidal power. Some places in Europe and Northern America have tides naturally and they are used for producing energy. Waterwheels are used in storage ponds and the tides produced from incoming water help in generating energy or power. The force of tides is used for this purpose. There are certain limitations in this energy as the places with natural tides are very less or few. Thus, this energy is not freely available in all areas.

Geothermal Energy

The green energy provider has the option of providing power through geothermal energy also. In this type of energy option, the earth’s heat is used for producing electricity or power. For this, a shallow ground is needed to get the energy. In some places, hot water deep inside the earth may be used to produce energy. Another option is to use hot rocks below the earth. Geothermal heat pumps are used for transferring the heat from the source to the proper delivery system from which energy is given to people.…