Comparison Between Bulb and Laser Projector Technologies

All projectors perform a similar task of letting audience or students enjoy big, colorful, and bright images. A light source passes through a picture and gets projected on a white screen or board.

There are two technologies available, today. Bulb or lamp was the single choice for decades. It made use of UHP bulb, which creates light similar to a regular street light.

The other is a new projector generation called laser light source, which creates images just like Christmas lights projector.  However, both technologies encompass some pros and cons. It depends on where and how the projector is used.

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Comparison between laser and bulb projectors

Which is bright?

Brightness form bulb projector gets less bright within first 10 hours, after turning it on. Laser projectors create light to generate clear and brighter images all the time.

Which provides better picture quality?

From the audience’s viewpoint, lamp or laser projectors deliver high impact pictures, richly detailed with outstanding color and contrast.

Which lasts longer?

Operating life of laser projector is impressive that is 20,000 hours. Bulbs last for maximum 8,000 hours, so needs frequent replacement.

Which needs less maintenance?

Laser light source hardly needs maintenance, so it is an appropriate choice for installing projectors permanently in inaccessible locations.

Which is inexpensive?

Laser light source is a new technology. Production is low than the traditional bulb projectors, so the cost is more. However, the cost gets balanced because laser needs negligible maintenance.

Alternatively, the bulb needs 2 to 3 replacement, during an average operation lifespan of the projector. Bulb even uses more electricity. Comparing both laser options looks appealing because the initial cost gets paid in the long term.

Which starts rapidly?

Bulb projectors take some time to attain an optimum operating temperature. Alternatively, laser projectors start up instantly. This is advantageous in classroom or business meetings, where time cannot be wasted or one cannot risk losing the audience’s interest.

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