What EPC Ratings Are All About?

In London, it is a legal necessity for all kinds of domestic properties to have the energy performance certificate which is also commonly known as EPC. This certification is required before renting or selling a property. DEA, Domestic Energy Assessor has the authority to provide this certification.

epc rating

There is an inspection that is done by the authorities before they issue the EPC certificate. By ensuring the simple measures that are provided by DEA for providing EPC in London, you can easily get it without any kind of delay.

The elements that are considered while giving the EPC certification:

  • The way in which a property is constructed
  • How the space of the building is heated
  • The way in which water is heated
  • The method by which the property gets light
  • The ventilation system that is there at a place

As per all these elements, data is collected by the authorities and as per that they provide the certification as well. There is a software that is used by DEA for the purpose of collecting the data for generating EPC. The method that is used is RDSAP which stands for reduced data standard assessment procedure. This software is used for domestic and commercial properties as well.

You can also take the services of a professional that will help you get the EPC certification in an easy manner. An expert can easily help you to understand all the things that will help you to get the EPC for your building.


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